Island Cruise from Phuket

Island Cruise from Phuket

Thailand’s Southern coast is scattered with islands known the world over for their unique beauty. Pristine white sand and warm, shallow coral seas, thick tropical vegetation draped over those distinctively-shaped limestone outcrops, snorkelling and sunbathing and gazing open-mouthed: immerse yourself in the moment on this romantic four-day cruise aboard a beautiful junk-rigged schooner.

The islands around Thailand’s South coast have earned themselves an iconic status in the collective psyche of Westerners familiar with such films as “The Man With The Golden Gun” and “The Beach”. Unmistakable domes of dark green vegetation cap sheer limestone cliffs rising from the crystal water, like sentinels crowding to protect the white sandy beaches from prying eyes. Coral reefs lie basking just below the waves, palm trees nod sleepily in the breeze, and the ever-ready smiles of the Thai people are a constant reminder that here it is enough to just… be. There is simply nowhere else like this on Earth.

You will start your cruise from Phuket and will sail into Phang Nga Bay, a place of wild mangrove forests, towering cliffs, and spectacular views. You’ll visit “James Bond Island”, where you may find that you feel you’re stepping into an adventure story of your own. You’ll return to the Suwan Macha and watch the sunset from deck while you dine wrapped in a warm breeze. You’ll visit Krabi, much of which has been designated a National Park, for snorkelling and sunbathing on secluded beaches hidden among a maze of lagoons, and at Phi Phi Lay, you’ll be able to explore Maya Bay, immortalised in the film “The Beach”, to experience some amazing snorkelling in the shallow waters, or simply lie on the sand and soak up the sun.

If the prospect of listening to waves lapping at the hull of a boat with sails that look like dragon’s wings, while otherworldly scenery floats past beneath an azure sky appeals to you, well… that’s what’s on offer! It’s entirely your choice how much activity you want on this trip! The option’s always there to simply drift and laze away the day in romantic surroundings, but for those who want to swim and explore hidden beaches and coves, this is the perfect environment for some unforgettable experiences.

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