Hill Tribe Trekking in Thailand

Hill Tribe Trekking in Thailand

Hill Tribe Trekking in Thailand is on a lot of travellers' hit lists, but this one is just a little bit special. During your stay, you will learn the customs of Thailand’s hill tribes, ride elephants along forest trails, talk with village shamans and spend the nights in rustic comfort in lodges built from the forest in traditional style. Rafting, mountain biking, and learning to cook hill-tribe style are all part of this trek overflowing with a lifetime’s experiences.

About half a million of Thailand’s population are members of small, culturally and often ethnically distinct tribes, mainly living in the mountainous Northern area of the country near the Burmese border. The incredible diversity of these peoples’ ways of living, their beliefs and traditions, and - most immediately noticeable to even the most casual traveller - their dress, conspire with the extraordinary natural beauty of the region to produce a place of unrivalled density and richness. This is superbly rewarding country for the trekker; a journey replete with unforgettable destinations.

There is too much on offer on this trip to do more than give a cursory overview here; plenty of hiking, of course, and guided mountain biking too, but then there’s also the inflatable river rafting, and the elephant ride through stunning jungle… And that’s just the transport! You’ll visit five major hill tribes in the region, both in village settings and at the lodges where you’ll stay overnight, each of which is run by members of a different tribe. You’ll have the chance to learn about herbs from the villagers, and to speak with the local shamans about their beliefs. You’ll be given cooking lessons, Lanna Tribe style, and find out about how rice is farmed and the importance of bee conservation in the area. You can learn to carve fruit and vegetables or relax and enjoy a herbal steam bath or massage. There’s just not enough space on this page for a complete itinerary!

This tour definitely isn’t for the lazy. You’ll be walking or cycling every day for several hours, so you should have a reasonable level of fitness and positively enjoy physical activity and getting involved: the evenings and nights are for relaxing, but on this tour, the days are definitely for making the most of! Those who are interested in learning firsthand about the customs and crafts of the hill-tribes in the area will be well rewarded by the experiences on offer here, as will anyone who likes to sit back at the end of a day with a gentle ache in the legs and a satisfied smile. Families with children should bear in mind the amount of activity involved when considering this trip.

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  1. We just got back from our trip and it was wonderful...It's really hard
    to adjust back to real life!

    We had a great trip and the trek was wonderful. Jatoo, our guide, was an
    extraordinary guy, his English was very good, he knew the area very
    well, he told us a lot about Thailand and he was a riot over all! I
    think he made a big difference to our experience.

    I'd rate the overall experience at 4. I think it'd be helpful to be a
    little more detailed in the requirement up front, as we thought the trek
    was walking around the forest but it was a bit more than that. We
    thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, so the last day, the bike ride fell a
    little short of expectations, we woke up really early and wished that we
    did a bit more at the end. I'd certainly recommend it to my friends and
    we'll look at other tours that you arrange in the future.

    MissingOyaEcevitt reviewing Hill Tribe Trekking in Thailand

  2. .The trekking experience was great (i.e. day 1 and 2) would rate that a 5, Day 3 was a 4, Day 4 was a 3. Some elements of the trip such as the dancers at Lisu lodge was not really necessary as we prefer to see the Lisu tribe in their village rather than a forced dance in the lodge. Also, the bike trip on day 4 was too short. I think you should look at extending this trip and rearranging some of the other activities.

    Having said these, I must point out that we had an excellent tour guide (Jatoo). I would recommend him to all my friends. He was very knowledgeable, and never got tired of our detailed questions.

    Overall my main disappointment was that apart from the Lahu Outpost, the "rules" did not allow Jatoo to have dinner with us. I find this very strange at this day and age. This decision should be left to the guide and the visitors, not the owners of the lodges.

    Hope these comments help. We had a wonderful time and saw the best part of Thailand.
    Thanks for your help.

    MissingOzgaUste reviewing Hill Tribe Trekking in Thailand

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