Thai Country Living Experience

Thai Country Living Experience

Northern Thailand is a place where village traditions are still very much alive, rooted in the region’s rich soil and balmy climate. The food and friendliness of the area are famed throughout Thailand -a country reknowned for both worldwide- and the scenery is as stunning as mountainous jungle can be! Take a two-day pause and allow yourself to be embraced by the hospitality of Khum Lanna.

Northern Thailand’s culture is significantly different from that of the rest of the country: the region of Lanna takes its name from the ancient kingdom that ruled there from the 13th to 18th century, and literally translated means “Land of a Million Rice Fields”. With such a name, it should come as no surprise that food occupies a prominent place in the traditions of the people, and village life is still deeply related to the production of food in a way that is only possible in such a fertile and productive place. Where the soil is this good, the ingredients grow right beside your door, and so the life of the people remains deeply rooted in Nature.

This tour offers you a taste, quite literally, of the Lanna village way of life. In idyllic surroundings, you will be led around the gardens to learn about local seasonal crops (which always form an integral part of Lanna cooking) and to collect fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. You’ll be given two lessons in Lanna-style Thai cooking (with a copy of the Khum Lanna cookery book thrown in so you don’t have to worry about taking notes!) the end product of which will be a sumptuous outdoor meal that you have been involved with “from the ground up”.

You can choose to work off the post-lunch sleepiness with a guided bike tour around the village, or surrender to it instead and enjoy a herbal steam bath or hot-press massage with herbs. You’ll visit a morning village market where you can sample local cookies and coffee, visit the nearby temple Wat Pa Gee, and learn firsthand from farmers about the essential, even mythical, place of rice in Thai tradition.

For those wanting to sample Thai village life in a beautiful setting, the Khum Lanna experience offers luxurious comfort while very remaining very much a hands-on, close-to-the-Earth encounter. Participation is intended to be a vital part of this experience; you will be welcomed warmly by these most hospitable of people and introduced to the sights, sounds, smells and ways of a rural village. If you like to enter into the spirit of a place rather than simply grazing the surface, then Khum lanna may be just what you are looking for.

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