Guided Cycling in Provence

Cycling in Provence

The Provence region of France is an eclectic display of all things cultural, and there is no better way of touring this magnificent Mediterranean treasure trove than by taking a fully guided, week-long holiday cycling in Provence!

Provence is a beautiful region in Mediterranean south France neighbouring Italy, and has a history stretching back to ancient Rome and beyond. As with any landscape with such a varied gradient and terrain, Provence is a cyclist’s dream come true and you won’t be short of things to marvel at during your week. A lot of the amazing trails you’ll explore on the itinerary aren’t well known to locals let alone tourists, so you’ll get the benefit of having an expertly crafted Provence cycling trip as well as getting the most out of the historical and cultural aspect of this cycling holiday. Another added bonus to the trip is the vehicular support, transporting your luggage to the next hotel where it’ll be waiting for you along with a chilled glass of wine and a gourmet meal – perfect!

The itinerary for this trip is so well put together that it takes the guise of many holidays, from cycling holiday to history trip to cultural adventure and culinary tour, but underneath all the trimmings it is what it says on the tin: a damned good cycling holiday in Provence! The wealth of history Provence has to offer is tangible, and you’ll come across many well preserved Roman architecture sites (including Pont Du Gard, an ancient aqueduct recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site) and other curiosities by the River Rhone. The river itself is the only major European river to flow into the Mediterranean and makes for a great travel companion as you cycle alongside it.

It’s hard not to be bowled over by the quintessential charm of cycling in Provence, and the people most likely to get the most out of this tour are bike enthusiasts (obviously), foodies and couples looking for an active and romantic week away. A certain level of fitness is required and you’ll be in the saddle for quite a while on each day, but you don’t need to be Lance Armstrong. In fact, complete cycling novices are welcome to join the tour but may not get a huge amount of enjoyment out of the hill riding. Be advised that the height of summer (July/August) can see temperatures soar into the 30s with a high sun, so avoid these months if you’re not good with the heat and definitely pack lots of sun cream no matter what time of the year.

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