Ninh Binh Cycling Tour

Ninh Binh Cycling Tour

Explore the beautiful Ninh Binh region in Vietnam on this two-day cycling tour. You’ll ride through jungle landscapes and the Cuc Phuong National Park and enjoy dinner and an overnight stay in a simple family bungalow. Not only will you have the chance to glimpse a different way of life, you’ll also benefit from the exercise and fresh air of the countryside, too.

Vietnam. It’s a place where in one pocket, you’ll find rice fields and kids riding buffalos, while in another, you’ll be dazzled by flashing neon signs and drowned out by the incessant hum of motorbikes. It’s a country of extremes, but the Ninh Binh area is definitely more along the lines of the former. In particular, Cuc Phuong really impresses. It’s Vietnam’s oldest National Park and is steeped in natural beauty. Hills are covered in thick jungle, which in turn is home to exotic birds and plants, and the endangered Delacur-langur monkey.

One of your first ports of call is the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. Here you’ll see its 10th-century citadel that served to defend the kingdom from the Chinese. Then there’s Tam Coc – which translates as ‘Three Caves’ – where you’ll see towering limestone rocks that bring many people to compare it to nearby Halong Bay. But one of the real treats on this tour is the chance to spend the night in a host family’s bungalow home. It may be basic, but it’s a rarity to be able to have the chance to really experience another culture and way of life.

If you’re the sort of person who likes getting off the beaten track rather than simply staying in the tourist hotspots, this tour will be right up your street. You’ll get out into the countryside on bikes and stay with a local family – so you’ll get a real insight into life here. Outdoorsy types and anyone keen to learn and experience a different way of life will really benefit from this tour. It’s probably best if you’re open to sharing space with people and enjoy trying new foods as that way you’ll be able to relax and get the most of out of the experience.

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