Short Sapa Trek, Vietnam

Short Sapa Trek, Vietnam

On this three-day Sapa trek you’ll get a real glimpse into the lives of the locals in and around Sapa in Vietnam. You’ll trek through rice paddy fields, stay with a Dao family in their traditional home, and meet a hill tribe. You’ll also have time to yourself to explore on your own.

Vietnam. It’s a place where in one pocket, you’ll find rice fields and kids riding buffalos, while in another, you’ll be dazzled by flashing neon signs and drowned out by the incessant hum of motorbikes. It’s a country of extremes. But here, close to the Chinese border, is Sapa. Peasant women in bright clothes and conical hats can be spotted everywhere, as to can the flutter of the Dzaoists’ elaborate red headwear. Out in the countryside, paddies terrace the hillsides, mountains soar upwards and village life is simple. In Sapa, east is definitely still the exotic east.

It’s not often unknown families open up their homes and let strangers in – but that’s exactly what happens on this tour. After you’ve been whisked away from Hanoi by sleeper train you’ll arrive in Sapa. Here you’ll trek through paddy fields and bamboo ranges, and in the evening you’ll be welcomed into a traditional Dao family home. You’ll share dinner and stay the night – giving you a real opportunity to see another way of life. Later on in the tour, you’ll get to meet a hill tribe and will also have time to explore the villages, discover the countryside and spend time alone to contemplate the scenery!

If you’re the sort of person who likes getting off the beaten track rather than simply staying in the tourist hotspots, this tour will be right up your street. You’ll get out into the countryside on treks, stay with a local family and visit a hill tribe – so you’ll get a real insight into life here. Outdoorsy types and anyone keen to learn and experience a different way of life will really benefit from this tour. If you’re keen on privacy, make sure you travel in a group of four, as the sleeper cabins on the trains have four beds so you won’t have to share with strangers.

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