Luxury Galapagos Cruise on the M/S Alta

Luxury Galapagos Cruise on the M/S Alta

The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most bizarre and beautiful creatures on the planet, from blue-footed boobies to the unique marine iguana. Discover the isles and their inhabitants on this luxury cruise aboard the M/S Alta, one of the few true sailing ships in the region!

Like flotsam detached from some ancient wreck, the Galapagos Islands appear lost and lifeless, adrift in the eastern Pacific. Straddling the Equator 1000km off the coast of Ecuador, the volcanic archipelago rises from the waves like a jagged, reptilian crest, a lacerated lava-scape of barren brilliance. From the scattered mangroves, through the arid cactus lowlands to the lush cloud forests of the upper regions, these young islands embody life in its infancy. Flora and fauna of unparalleled diversity confound modern visitors just as they did Charles Darwin some 175 years ago. It was here, observing the specific variation between islands, that the naturalist refined his theory of evolution. The species that inspired him – the finches, tortoises and marine iguanas – remain to this day (along with sharks, rays and near-tame sea lions!), a timeless testament to nature’s genius.

With her engines off and the wind in her sails, the 46-metre Alta could be the HMS Beagle, the 10-gun brig-sloop that brought the young Darwin to this lonely lost world. Combining period elegance and state of the art facilities, this luxury yacht is one of the most charming vessels in the region; as she carves her way through the coastal waters, sails dancing in the breeze, the Golden Age of naval exploration is never far from one’s mind! This week-long cruise promises a scintillating introduction to the archipelago, its flora, fauna and history. Each day you’ll visit a different island, where guided hikes give you the chance to meet the animals and enjoy some spectacular views. There’s also the option of daily snorkelling sessions – the Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the world’s largest – as well as side trips ‘round the bays and mangroves in kayaks – perfect for spotting native penguins at play! Then, after a hard day’s exploration, it’s back onboard to watch the sunset from the comfort of the sundeck bar!

This is a seriously special tour, as unique and spectacular as the islands’ many endemics! Landlubbers aside, it’s difficult to think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a luxury cruise in this most stunning of settings. There’s a range of activities on offer, from kayaking and snorkelling to star-gazing and movie nights for the kids, and plenty of space on board to relax in private, so there’s no risk of cabin fever! Needless to say, an exclusive Pacific cruise doesn’t come cheap, and many people would rather backpack for six months than live like a star for a week. But if it’s time, not money, that’s the scarce resource, then this Galapagos tour comes highly recommended.

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