Bird and Bear Watching Holiday

bird & bear watching holiday

Spend seven days in Romania on a bird and bear watching trip of a life time! You'll be spotting everything from Tawny Owls to Dalmatian Pelicans. You’ll also get up close and personal with bears, foxes and wild cats as well as seeing protected species of flowers, making this the ultimate wildlife adventure.

Going deep into the heart of nature and observing rare birds and beasts first-hand is a humbling and exhilarating experience. If you’ve got a craving for animal tracking, you could do much worse than Romania.

The largest country in Southern Europe, Romania offers the kind of biodiversity typical of a region with both mountainous and low, wetland terrains. On this seven day tour you’ll get to explore these landscapes (including world-heritage site Danube Delta) on the search for beautiful and endangered birdlife.

You’ll start from Zarnesti town in central Romania which will be your base for the first half of the week, staying in a 3* guesthouse with full facilities, before transferring to a four star guesthouse on the Danube on day four. Throughout the week you will spend time with local experts who specialise in showing guests the hidden beauty spots of Romania, and know the best places to for rare bird and bear watching.

It’s worth mentioning that the scope of the trip is huge: rather than dedicating your time tracking one particular animal native to the area, you’ll end up cramming the week with trips all over the place and seeing just about everything on the way. The focus is primarily on birdlife and you’ll get to see numerous rare and protected species including honey eagles, owls, shrike and ibis, but alongside these you will also see some of the larger carnivores and learn about conservation efforts as you go.

The areas you’ll visit during the tour are worth seeing even if you remove the critters from the equation. The meadows you will walk through on day two are simply great, and the boat rides which transport you around the Danube Delta are excursions in themselves.

Romania is a sometimes overlooked location for nature tourism, which is surprising given its rich biodiversity and rigorous habitat protection projects. The country has some amazing attractions - the cultural history of the Transylvanian region and scenic mountain hiking to name a couple - but the strength of this particular tour lies in showing people off the beaten track and into hidden pockets of wildlife.

This is a great chance for anyone wanting to see bears in their natural habitat and also in conservation reserves, as well as seeing rare birdlife in large quantities. The local experts you’ll meet on the journey are as knowledgeable as they are passionate, making this tour is a delig for anyone interested in the broad geography and nature of Romania.

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