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Home to hill tribes, elephants and ancient ruins, the jungles and mountains you can never be short of things to do in Chiang Mai. An awesome setting for sports like cycling and whitewater rafting and you can experience both on this fun-packed three-day tour!

Discover the East on two wheels! Asia and the South Pacific are home to some truly incredible cycling routes, combining millennia-old cultural heritage with scenery of breathtaking majesty, from the mighty Himalaya to the volcanic isles of Polynesia! This Chiang Mai tour gives you the chance to explore these epic landscapes under your own steam; there are no trains to catch, no 4am starts, no watching the sublime country pass you by from the back seat of a packed bus. Better still, a bike holiday allows you to interact with peoples and places in a much more intimate fashion than is possible on many tours, where you’re forever surrounded by coachloads of other tourists in default travel mode: stop, snap, shop, split. On tours like these the main things are planned for you – hotels, routes, even the best time of year to travel – leaving you free to enjoy the awesome cycling!

This three-day Chiang Mai tour has something for everyone. If you fancy a challenge you can head for the hills, pedalling past tribal villages, chequered paddies and colourful temple complexes, visiting an elephant camp and even scoring a ride on an ox cart! Or perhaps you’re after something a little more laidback? The southern route follows the course of the Mae Ping to the vast ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, an ancient flooded city, then heads into the quiet country near Baan Tawai, a village renowned for its exquisite wood carving. Both routes conclude with some thrilling white water rafting.

If you've been wondering what there is in the way of things to do in Chiang Mai, then look no further! This is a great cycling tour covering some of Thailand’s most beautiful countryside. As such, we’d recommend this to absolutely everyone, so long as they have some cycling experience and are in fairly good shape. You won’t be covering any mammoth distances – the daily average is about 25 miles – and there only a few steep hills to tackle (none on the south route), so you don’t need to be Lance Armstrong to enjoy this one! The roads are relatively quiet too, meaning you don’t have to worry about negotiating frenzied traffic or deciphering alien road signs. If for any reason you are struggling with the riding, you can always get a lift in the back-up van (which also carries your luggage on hotel to hotel routes) at either the beginning or end of the day, so there’s no danger of you holding up the other riders.

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