Self guided walking holiday for wine lovers in Priorat

Self Guided Walking Holiday in Catalonia

A week’s self guided walking holiday in the beautiful up and coming foodie haven of Priorat in north east Spain, Explore the terraced vineyards and quiet paths at your own pace and dine on gourmet food, accompanied by some seriously sophisticated red wine.

In the north east corner of Spain, home to the fiercely independent and proud Catalonia, lies the beautiful and relatively undiscovered region of Priorat. This area is all about wine! It has been made here since a monastery began production in the 12th Century, but it was not until fairly recently that wine makers here have placed themselves on the map. The hilly terrain and incredibly steep vine terraces make you wonder how they ever managed to grow wine here! Some vineyards still need to employ mules rather than tractors, as machines just can’t handle the steep and rocky landscape. Don’t come here expecting a backwards industry however. Due to the soil and the difficulty in harvesting the grapes, the region produces some of the most expensive, exclusive and fashionable wines in the world.
Lying just 2 hours from Barcelona, the region is easy to get to and a must for any true gourmet wine lovers!

On this week long self guided walking holiday in the beautiful wine country of Priorat, you will spend your days exploring the vineyards and sampling the delicious wines and olive oils produced there. Hiking through the rocky and rugged terrain, with the magnificent Montsant mountain range in the distance, you will explore the area at your own pace. See the ruins of a Carthusian monastery where wine was made back in the 12th Century, and walk along quiet and undiscovered trails winding through the wine terraces. As well as exploring on foot, you will also be discovering the region with your tastebuds as you sample the wines and olive oils produced in the region. Visiting some of the regions better known wine makers, as well as some hidden gems, you will be able to taste the wine in private tasting sessions. When you’re not off exploring, a lot of care has gone into hand picking some superb accommodation which will lay on some delicious local food and wine in the evenings.

This self guided walking holiday in Catalonia combines three of our favourite things, walking, great food and great wine - and the beauty is that none is done to excess. Walks each day are between 7-12km, (around 2-4 hours). The terrain is hilly so you will be climbing between 300 and 500m each day (after all the region is renowned for its steeply terraced picturesque vineyards). Its fair to say therefore that you would want to be reasonably fit, but certainly needn’t be a dedicated hiker. Most meals and all accommodation are arranged and whilst that might put off some independent travellers, it is a real treat to be able to enjoy a days walking knowing that you’ll have a great meal at one of the best restaurants in town when you get there.

Your local guide will leave you to walk at your own pace during the days, but will ensure that you are transported to and from the walks and the tasting sessions. That way, you have the perfect balance of walking at your own pace, yet not having to worry about logistics!

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