Chill-out in Rajasthan!

Chill-Out in Rajasthan

Castle Bijaipur, built in the 1500s, is a lavish getaway sitting proudly in the Aravelli Hills of India. The castle is a classic display of Indian decadence and, in the last decade, has opened it’s doors to tourists looking for a lavish way to relax. So come and spend 11 days, relaxing and trying your hand at yoga, cooking, horse riding, or simply lie back and enjoy the view..

Rajasthan is the largest state in India. It has a long history including the Indus Valley Civilisation (the world’s oldest known civilisation) and incorporates a variety of terrains, from desert lands to the north to the Ghaggar river coming to an end in the state. Rajasthan is also home to India’s national parks, including two Bengal tiger reserves. The Aravalli mountain range is thought to be the oldest geographical feature on Earth, and it is here where the beautiful Bijaipur castle was built in the 16th century.

The castle was built as a strategic defence post against invading Mughal armies during these formative years for India. Nowadays, Bijaipur is kept almost as a temple dedicated to peace and quiet - tourists can partake in yoga while overlooking the mountains, cycle in the blissful Aravalli forests or simply soak in the zen-like surroundings of the castle itself.

Bijaipur is an oasis of tranquillity sitting high above some of the most impressive views in the entire country. There’s nothing quite like doing yoga on the roof of the Victorian wing of the castle while watching the sunrise roll over the Jacaranda forests.

The area is very rural, and there are many visit-worthy villages and small towns unravaged (for now) by mainstream tourism. When you’re not out exploring the countryside, there’s a variety of activities to de-stress your mind, including art and cookery lessons, horseriding, swimming and massages. There’s a real community spirit on the holiday, and you’ll end up getting to know other guests in the castle which culminates into a group barbecue next to a serene lotus lake towards the end of the trip.

Of course, no holiday to India would be complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal, which although heavily commercialised, is definitely worthwhile.

In this age of cheap air travel, travelling to India has never been a more attractive prospect. The country is fortunate to be both jaw-droppingly beautiful and culturally rich, and if you want to get slightly off the track and avoid the main tourist hotspot of New Delhi, then Rajasthan will be right up your alley.

Travel to India, especially to the larger cities, can be fraught and busy, so this trip is the perfect antidote! The pace is slow and relaxed and, unlike other group trips, there is no rushing from sight to sight. Having said all that, you are still in a group, so if you are looking for total cultural submersion, then this may not be the right trip for you.

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