River Rafting in India

River Rafting in India

With only 100 people riding the river each year since it was first fully surveyed in 2003, the Siang is unquestionably one of the world’s most exclusive and enigmatic rafting destinations. Join the select few with this 11-day expedition through tribal North-East India!

Near-severed from the rest of the nation and comprising the Seven Sister States, Sikkim and parts of North Bengal, North-East India is a fairytale region of pristine jungle, hill tribes and ancient kingdoms in the clouds! Bisected by the Eastern Himalaya, the region’s geography is among the most diverse in India, a fact reflected in its extraordinary biodiversity. The forests, alpine meadows, tundra and marshy Terai grasslands are home to some of the world’s rarest creatures, including the snow leopard, the Indian rhinoceros and, according to local legend, the abominable snowman! But North-East India is about more than lofty peaks and elusive animals; this is arguably the world’s most sacred landscape, one that has profoundly shaped the spiritual life of South Asia and beyond. Prepare to be enchanted!

Jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, description-defying: it’s difficult to do this one justice! As epic adventures go, this one is right up there with polar exploration and ostrich racing! Only recently opened to the foreigners, remote Arunachal Pradesh is the setting for this 11-day river rafting expedition of a lifetime. You’ll enter the Siang just inside the border with Tibet, heading down river past tribal villages, dense jungle and hilltop tea gardens. En route, you’ll experience both churning rapids and rushing cascades, as well as calmer stretches when you’ll have the chance to kick back and watch the forests and wildlife pass you by. There are plenty of pools and falls to cool off in, and you’ll also have ample opportunity to trek the surrounding countryside, meeting local Mishmi tribals, sampling local specialities like char-grilled rat and even indulging in a spot of yeti-hunting!

With only 100 people riding the Siang every year, this might just be the world’s most exclusive rafting trip! It isn’t for the faint-hearted though; you should expect the unexpected both in and out of the water! The Siang is a wild river with some unbelievable whitewater, but you’re going to have to be in good shape if you want ride it. The trip is best suited to experienced rafters, though beginners can have a go too if they’re physically fit and used to adrenalin sports. Bear in mind that on this tour you’ll be spending several hours a day in the raft with a bunch of other people, so if you’re not one for socialising you might not take to rafting. You can also expect to work up a sweat at times and, needless to say, you will get wet!

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  1. Went down the Subansiri last year with these guys and It was a trip that makes you wanna come back for more. So hopefully I´ll be in the raft on the Siang pretty soon!

    Missingpontusw reviewing River Rafting in India

  2. I have traveled extensively and I have to say that my experience on the RiverIndia expedition marks the best trip I have ever had the privilege of experiencing! From the food to the quality of the guides, this trip was superb. In fact, I still keep in contact with a number of people both rafters and guides, from the trip and I consider many of them lifelong friends. Thanks to RiverIndia for making such an impact on my life, I hope to do another trip again!

    Missingacoolidge reviewing River Rafting in India

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