Winter Wolf Tracking Tour in Sweden

Swedish Wolf Tracking Tour

Gazing at the starry night, miles away from civilisation and howling back and forth with the wolves. This winter wolf tracking trip is, without doubt, a unique experience which you’ll remember for the rest of your days!

Despite being a protected species across Europe, the continent's wolf population is dwindling. With the 'big bad wolf' reputation that they were labelled by fairy stories, these shy and elusive creatures have been ruthlessly hunted throughout the centuries. In Sweden, there are just 200 of these mysterious animals left and given their nocturnal nature, it seems unlikely that many of us will ever get the chance to come face to face with one.

This tour takes you out into the Swedish wilderness, getting as close as possible to these extraordinary creatures. Your 3 day trip begins with a group dinner and then a late night trip out into wild wolf territory, to listen out for the howls of the wolves. The following morning starts with more wolf watching, this time with the hope of seeing the elusive creatures, possible running across the ice. During the day, there is also a fascinating lecture on wolves at the Grimso Wildlife Research Station. Founded in 1974, the centre was opened with the express intention of monitoring and preserving some of Sweden's rarest natural predators. The renowned field experts will give you an in depth lecture about the fascinating and elusive Swedish wolf. In the afternoon, it's back to the wilds of the forest, where your guide will take you for some more wolf tracking and then an outdoor dinner around a campfire, while you listen out for more wolves from the depths of the forest.

Wolf sightings cannot be guaranteed, but whether you see one or not, this promises to be a once in a lifetime adventure!

The tour is run in the winter, so you will need to make sure you have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. There are some very early mornings and some very late nights, so come prepared for not much sleep!. There is a fair bit of hiking involved over some uneven terrain - you can expect to hike about 1 - 3 hours each day, sometimes also at night, so a reasonable level of fitness will be required. The minimum age for participants is 12, with a maximum of 8 participants per guide (the most participants in a group will be 15)

All food in included in the price. One of your meals will be eaten around an outdoor fire in the forest whilst listening for wolves.

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