Weekend Break - Kayaking in Sweden

Weekend Break - Kayaking in Sweden

Spend your weekend kayaking in Sweden, exploring some of the 30,000 islands off Stockholm with an experienced guide. At night, paddle to a deserted beach for wild camping under the stars. Suitable for beginner or advanced kayakers.

The Stockholm archipelago, lying to the east of Sweden's capital, consists of over 30,000 islands or islets. Some of these are populated with simple, traditional Swedish homes, far away from the bright lights of the city. The remainder are uninhabited and inaccessible, a haven for birds such as oyster-catchers. Famed for their beauty, the islands have become a popular destination for sailors looking for a slice of accessible wilderness. Exploring the area by kayak allows access to narrow, shallow passages that conventional boats cannot reach and takes you far away from the madding crowds.

This weekend break is all about connecting with the wilderness and the great outdoors. There are no modern comforts, no mobile reception and no bright lights. Just you, your small group and your kayaks. Your itinerary is flexible and the route is dictated by the weather conditions, but you can expect to head out to some of the more deserted, uninhabited islands of the archipelago. You will explore the inlets and shores of some of these islands by kayak, but will also have a chance to go to shore and explore a little by foot. In the evenings you will set up wild camps literally yards from the shore where you will then have a chance to enjoy the late sunset and the peace of the wilderness.

This trip doesn't follow a fixed route and is dependent on the weather and also the group. The route is planned after reviewing the weather forecast each day. The weather is often better the further you get out from the mainland.

Paddling is normally to the outer “skerries”, a true wilderness area explored by only a few. You don't need any previous kayaking experience or much muscle-power to enjoy this trip,
although some experience of outdoor life may come in handy. Naturally safety always comes first, and the guide will make sure all participants are at ease and know how to deal with the wind and the waves before crossing open stretches.

Camping is usually on uninhabited and remote islands, which are not frequented by a large number of people. Camping is under the stars (if you want) or in self-supporting light-weight tents, which enable you to camp on bare smooth rocks. The air mattresses guarantee soft and sweet dreams! There are no bathroom facilities.

These trips are run on a participatory basis, meaning that everyone pitches in to set up camp, prepare the food and clear up after the meals. This helps the guide out and also allows the group members to bond!

Groups are a maximum size of 10 people and tend to be a mixture of ages and nationalities.

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