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Where better to perfect the craft of photography than in the lush landscapes of Italy? Umbria, Tuscany and Latium – the region around Rome, are all on the radar for one of these long or short photography courses. As are expert tutors, comfy accommodation in an attractive apartment, and typically excellent Italian food.

Locations don’t get much more photo-friendly than Orvieto – it’s a cathedral city that sits high atop a volcanic rock. Buttermilk-coloured stone houses huddle along cobbled streets, and underground, an ancient labyrinth of tunnels and caves snakes through the city. But because you’ll be getting out and about in 4x4s, this is just the start. Roman ruins, medieval castles and Etruscan temples will have you permanently glued to your viewfinder, as will the hilltop towns of Tuscany, and the seascapes of the Tyrrhenian coastline. In fact, there’s so much to photograph here, you may find those typical holiday lie-ins fall by the wayside.

Everybody sees things differently, and that’s why these long or short photography courses are incredibly flexible. Workshop groups are small – six people is the maximum number – so if you’re here to soak up the wisdom from course leader and professional photographer, Patrick Nicholas, you won’t have to wait in line. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner with a simple digital camera or a bit of a pro with the latest SLR – workshops are adapted to suit you. Sessions are a mix of getting out and about exploring the sights, and digitally developing, learning to manipulate images using Photoshop software, and printing them once you’re happy. You’ll also learn about composition, depth of field and exposure. But it’s not all work – you’ll also have the chance to swim in lakes and plunge pools and wander around Orvieto. And, of course, sample some of Italy’s culinary delights.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveller, a couple or a small group of friends – as long as you’re interested in learning photography – you’ll be in your element. Workshops are about learning and sharing – so if you already think you know everything, it’s probably not the one for you. Neither does it matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, as long as you want to learn, enjoy getting out in a 4x4 and seeing places, and you’re happy in the company of others.

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  1. My photogaphy week in Orvieto was simply wonderful. Patrick and his wife Lucia are terrific and generous hosts and Patrick's knowledge of Umbria, Tuscany and the historical context of the places you visit is absolutely encyclopedic - yet far from dry. The B&B I stayed in was great t and I cannot recommend Orvieto highly enough as a place to visit. Separately, and I suppose more importantly, the actual course itself was marvellous. The sights we saw, the way we started using 100% of our brain when looking at something rather than the usual 10%, the overall instruction - all absolutely faultless. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    MissingKatherineB reviewing Photography Courses in Italy

  2. Fantastic trip. Top marks on all counts.

    MissingClaraFay reviewing Photography Courses in Italy

  3. This course has been a fabulous experience! We arrived a couple of days before and stayed just outside Orvieto in a fantastic hotel called InnCasa ( so we were refreshed and relaxed before the photography began.

    Patrick Nicholas picked us up in his beat up Land Rover as promised right on time at the top of the Orivieto Funilcular and our course began straight away with wine and pizza then a gear review.

    The accommodation Patrick supplies is charming and comfortable but we were seduced so much by InnCasa we decided to go back there and use the hotel as the base for our course.

    Orivieto is a beautiful town and Patrick knows the place and it's people like the back of his hand. A 'frightfully English' chap, Patrick has spent half of his adult life in Italy and speaks Italian like the true local man he is. You could not wish for a better guide for the area and his photography skills are second to none.

    Not only did we see all the best spots in the area through the 3 day course we learnt an amazing amount from him about photography and the history of the local area.

    From ancient Italian towns and architecture through to the beautiful rolling Tuscan landscape we photographed it all! Going off road in the Landrover and picnicing in 2500 year old tombs were some amazing moments. Patrick's course encourages you to discover the culture as well as the correct aperture and shutter speeds!

    We were fortunate in that it was just two of us on the course, but we are considering going back again next year!

    Fb avatarfunkbunk reviewing Photography Courses in Italy

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