Self-Guided Walking in the Snowy Mountains

Self-Guided Walking in the Snowy Mountains

A self-guided walking holiday in the Snowy Mountains, located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. Spend seven days traversing some of the highest peaks on the Australian mainland, walking at a steady pace and staying in ski-type lodges.

Australia may not be immediately famous for its mountainous areas, yet here is a tour in which you can take in the beauty of 2,000 metre snowy peaks without having to be an expert mountaineer! The Snowy Mountains (or Snowies, as they’re affectionately known) are mainly located within Kosciusko National Park, the stage for your alpine adventure. If you’ve ever wanted to feel on top of the world but don’t fancy training for months to tackle gigantic peaks, this tour will be right up your alley!

Kosciusko National Park, named after Australia’s highest mainland peak (2,228m), is somewhat of a mecca for mountain tourists in search for epic scenery and views. Once you reach the top of these gentle slopes you’ll be able to see far down into the stunning glacial lakes below. You’ll also have the opportunity to chill your feet (or drinks) in these clear waters after descending the longest chairlift in Australia.

The tour is a self-guided trek through the Snowy Mountains, conducted at a leisurely stroll and leading you through the highest peaks on the mainland. This is a fine opportunity to see the country’s scenery from spectacular heights, and there is all manner of alpine flora to discover once you‘re up there.

You will be staying in an array of ski lodge-type accommodation, and your luggage will be moved for you as you walk between each location so you aren’t burdened with it during your walks.

Whilst enjoying your daily walking you’ll get to travel the aqueduct trail and see how spring water is caught and brought down to the farmers on the dry plain lands.

Another memorable stop on the trip is the Blue Cow alpine ski resort, where you can climb up to Porcupine Rocks and see the great dividing range. Here visitors can also see the snowgum trees native to the region - these bizarre yet beautiful looking trees are part of the Eucalyptus family and are almost exclusive to the park. Once on the plains, you may also catch a glimpse of wild Brumby horses, also native to the region.

As a self-guided tour, the walking featured during the week can be as easy or as strenuous as you like since you will control the pace. In addition, you’ll be provided with easy to follow maps and guidebooks so no orienteering knowledge is required.

Chairlifts are available for those who don’t feel up to hiking to the top of Mt. Kosciusko. Although some level of fitness is required for the tour as a whole, there is no reason why anyone, young or old, would not enjoy a walking tour of the Snowy Mountains given a reasonable level of health.

It is also worth noting that while the views from Kosciusko are worth a visit to Australia alone, it is a very popular destination and your time here is not likely to be overly private.

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