Walking in the Blue Mountains

Walking in the Blue Mountains

A self-guided or guided holiday walking in the Blue Mountains of Australia, taking in the area‘s beauty at your own pace. Unobstructed panoramas of waterfalls, swamplands and forests are plentiful on this tour, and on long stretches the only thing you’ll hear will be the sounds of nature.

Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains offers the adventurer in you the chance to roam amongst the rich landscape of Australia‘s heartland. This self-guided tour is an excellent opportunity to explore at your own leisure an area steeped in aboriginal heritage and legend. However, another option is to utilise the services of a friendly guide who can show you around the Blue Mountains in more depth.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll stay in a selection of great B&B accommodation for the duration of your stay, and the best part is that your luggage will be transported for you to each new location.

Regardless of whether you prefer to go it alone or use the expert guide, the features you’ll encounter during your walking holiday are plentiful enough to make this a truly memorable adventure. The epic scenery forms a large part of the holiday - some of the best views can be attained from the heights of Mt Piddington which overlooks an impressive network of caves and canyons. The Giant’s Causeway is also as dramatic as it sounds.

You’ll also relish the opportunity to learn about the geography of the region (and find out the answer to how the Blue Mountains got their name, which we won’t spoil here!) and discover the aboriginal legends which abound in the area.

There are two considerations to take before embarking on this tour, one of which is you’ll need to have a head for heights (it‘s a mountain walking tour after all, and you‘re going to get high up on cliff tops.) Secondly, you’ll need to be relatively fit as some of the walking is quite strenuous. However, if the great outdoors and nature beckon then this is an amazing opportunity for getting back to ‘grass roots’. Similarly if you enjoy the peace and quite of hearing nothing more than the sounds of nature, or taking in spectacular views away from the normal tourist trappings, then this holiday is the perfect solution.

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